Microgreens Grow Kit 10" x 20"

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This microgreen Grow kit comes with everything you need to start growing healthy, nutritious, and flavorful microgreens. Each kit includes; (1) Tray, (1) Dome lid, (1) Coco wicking media, (4) Burlap Grow Mats, (4) seed packets, PH test kit and instructions. Supplies to grow 4 crops in 10"x20" Tray.

Coco Coir mats (wicking media) are made up of 100% natural fibres. These environmentally-friendly, natural fibres are derived from the husk of the coconut. The husk is the water-resistant layer between the outer coating of the coconut and the hard shell inside

Burlap (Growing Mats) is an earth-friendly fabric made from naturally organic fibers from the jute plant. It contains no chemical additives or treatments so it is completely safe for animals and the environment.


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