Aeroponic 9 Site 3 gallon Cloner

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This is a 9 site Cloner for propagation. It has a 3 gallon bucket reservoir with 9 cloning sites. This professional-grade Aeroponic Cloner delivers a hydroponic and aeroponic cloning experience in one. Perfect for the home propagator. The cloner's 9 sites gives you ample room to propagate cuttings of your choice. Enjoy greater success and faster results with maximum oxygenation through its aeroponic design and simplicity. Allowing plant cuttings to root through efficient nutrient delivery, oxidation and optimal pH control.

Aeroponic 9 Site Plant Cutting Cloner. 3 Gallon Bucket, (9) 2" Net Pots, (9)  Neoprene Collars, Snap Down Lid, 160gph Pump, (4) 270 Mister Heads & Saucer.

AEROPONIC PROPAGATOR CLONING SYSTEM: Root your cuttings in 10-14 days.

Need Cloning Gel to accelerate the process

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