Espoma Earthworm Castings

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Introducing Espoma Earthworm Castings – the organic option for nourishing your garden! Enriched with nutrient-rich earthworm castings, this soil additive will provide a boost of vital minerals and micro-organisms to help your plants thrive. Make your garden a lush oasis of growth with Espoma Earthworm Castings!

100% Earthworm Castings with no additives.

Guaranteed Analysis

Application Rates:

Trees, Shrubs, Vegetable & Flower Beds:

Spread a 1/2 inch thick layer around the plant out to the drip line.  If possible without disturbing roots work into the soil. Water thoroughly.  Apply every two months throughout the growing season.

Potted Plants:

Prior to planting: Mix one part Earthworm Castings to 4 parts potting mix.

Established Plants:  Apply a 1/4 layer to the top of the soil surface.  Water well.  Repeat every two months.

Fertilizer Tea:

Use 2 cups in 5 gallons of water and allow mixture to steep  for 24 hours.  Stir the mixture occasionally.  Water plants with the liquid tes.  Apply 1 gallon of finished tea to roses and other plants in the spring.    Remaining solid material can be applied around plants in the garden.

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