Floating Raft System w/Cart (Entry Level)

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Our educational hydroponic packages are designed to be engaging for both teachers and students. Each cart comes with everything you need to start growing immediately.

Products included in the package:

2' x 4' Wire Care
4' Jump Start Light Stand
4" Active Aqua Air Stone
7.5' - 1/4" Black Tubing
Active Aqua Air Pump, 2 Outlets
T5 48" Light Kit 1 Bulb
T5 Link Cable
Jump Start T5 Modular Dock
8 Outlet Surge Protector / Timer
2' x 4' Flood Tray
Floating Raft Tray (28 Units)
pH Up, 8oz - General Hydroponics
pH Down, 8oz - General Hydroponics
Active Aqua pH Test Kit
Grow Big Hydro 8oz
Microlift Dechlorinator 8oz
Clip on Microscope
5 Gallon Bucket
Page's Seeds
1" Grodan
50ml Graduated Cylinder