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FloraNectar Pineapple Rush 0-0-1 General Hydroponics

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Size: Quart 32oz
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Even when fruiting and flowering plants are productive, an extra pop of powerful sugars can intensify sweetness and aromas. FloraNectar gives you that burst, in a unique blend designed to take your plant to the next level.

FloraNectar is formulated with molasses and essential minerals to deliver numerous benefits for both plants and soil. It offers an ideal food source for beneficial microorganisms, increasing their growth rate to boost soil respiration. 

The beneficial process of respiration releases carbon dioxide from the soil so that plants can use this naturally occurring chemical compound for growth. 

Three Flavors, One Purpose
FloraNectar comes in three flavor formulas: FruitnFusion, PineappleRush and SugarCane. These bring a higher degree of aroma to fruits and flowers. 

No matter which formula you choose, FloraNectar will help your plants regulate key metabolism processes. This allows plants to achieve a balance between respiration and photosynthesis, leading to more abundant fruiting and flowering activity.

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