Root Spa 5 Gallon Bucket with Net Pot

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The Root Spa is a Deep Water Culture system (comes fully assembled). This 5 gallon bucket system is very simple, yet it grows large plants efficiently. After a very short time, you will realize the advantages of this uniquely easy-to-use, inexpensive, and forgiving system! Pumping raw air into the nutrient solution, without the use of air stones, is not only cost-effective but is also highly effective at providing the maximum possible oxygenation for your nutrient solution.

• Water tight seal to guarantee no leaks 
• 6", 8" or 10" Net Pot Bucket lid to hold your choice of growing medium
• Sight level Tube

Air Pump Not Included

Need to fill it add our GEOLITE Clay Pebbles

Media sold separately: You can use your choice of hydroponic media, such as clay pebbles, #4 perlite, rockwool mini cubes, coco chips, etc. Since this is a hydroponics system, soil should be avoided. Soil may contain dust, fungi, and bacteria, all of which can contaminate a hydroponics system.