Seed Starter Kit 72 Cell Extra Strength, 1020 Tray, 7.5" Humidity Dome, Plug Tray Starting Trays for Seedling Germination

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  • Ultra-Durable, High-Quality, 72 Cell Starter Tray Kit w/ Flat and Dome. Made to last many seasons
  • Domes and Trays are NOT flimsy or brittle. Won't crack or break while handling unlike competitors
  • Heavy Duty Humidity Dome 7.5" height. Built in vents for controlled airflow
  • Cell is 1.5" square by 2.25" deep now reaches to bottom of flat. Germination tray is 21.25" x 11.25"
  • Gift set Kit to get start growing seedlings. BPA Free Plastic Seed Starter Kits

This Seed Starter Kit comes with a 10" x 20" tray, 72 cell insert, and 7.5" dome lid. It is perfect for rockwool, peat pellets, and soil. Forms a humid environment for propagation and seed germination. . Tall propagation domes create a humid and warm environment for general propagation, clones and seed germination. Domes come with adjustable vents to control heat and humidity. As a general guideline seedling and clones enjoy temperatures of 70-80 degrees and a humidity range of 50%-60%; please be sure to research your particular plant as temperature and humidity requirements will vary during propagation for different plants. . It works with the standard flats

Add some potting soil FoxFarm Happy Frog or Rockwool for Hydro