Sight Tube & Drain Kit For Root Spa DWC Grow Buckets

Quantites: 1 Pack
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This All-in-One Sight Tube & Drain Kit provides an efficient and reliable solution for monitoring water level in Root Spa 5 & 3-Gallon Deep Water Culture (DWC) Buckets. The premium Blue Tinted Tubing and tight-fitting connections create an air tight seal, enabling simple and precise water level control, with easy and fool-proof installation.

Sight Tube and Drain Kit for DWC, Root Spa DIY Grow Buckets. Works with 5 & 3 Gallon Buckets. Great if you want to make your own grow buckets or need to replace leaking buckets.


12" Blue Tubing

1/2" Plug with 1/4" Bushing for 1/4" Tubing

1/2" Elbow

1/2" Grommet

Zip Tie For Bucket Mounting

3/4'"Drill bit (Hole Saw Bit) required for installation *NOT INCLUDED*

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