Vinca Minor Bowles 50 count Flat

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Vinca Minor Bowles is the perfect ground cover for areas needing tough perennial coverage. This evergreen species offers small, glossy, dark green leaves on sprawling stems with a 50 count, 10 x 20inch flat. It's a reliable, low-maintenance ground cover perfect for Partial to shady spots, seasonal color and ground cover.

Vinca minor 'Bowles' is a beautiful and versatile evergreen groundcover that is perfect for any landscape. This cultivar of the Lesser Periwinkle is known for its deep green foliage and showy, blue-purple flowers that bloom from early spring to early summer. With its low-growing habit and fast growth rate, Vinca minor 'Bowles' is ideal for filling in empty spaces and creating a lush, weed-free groundcover. It's perfect for slopes, as it doesn't require much maintenance, once established. It's also great in shaded areas, rock gardens, and in hanging baskets. This cultivar is deer resistant and drought tolerant making it an easy and attractive choice for any gardener. A 50 count flat of Vinca minor 'Bowles' is perfect for mass planting, adding a pop of color to your garden with its beautiful flowers and creating an effortless, polished look to any landscape.

Zone 4-9
Shade to Part shade
Care and maintenance: low maintenance, deer resistant, drought tolerant,
Deer Resistant
Good Drainage Moist soil
Height 2-4" Spreader
Blue Flower in spring
Plant spacing per 50ct Flat
Approximate coverage per flat
  • 6″ spacing covers 9sf
  • 8″ spacing covers 16sf
  • 12″ spacing covers 36sf

Planting Instruction for best results;

1. Before you plant, mulch the area. As this will help keep the moisture in the soil and also keep the erosion at bay from the run off when you water.
2. Plant the vinca in clusters of 2 pots/plugs per hole. This will make it easier to water as you only have to keep 25 spots wet.
3. Make a little well around each planting, like a saucer, so when you water the water stays around the plant and gets soaked into that spot.
4. When you water, fill each well or saucer up with water twice . Let the first watering soak in then come back and do it again.
5. With this method every other day of watering will keep things moist and allow them to establish.

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